Investment in progress Katowice - Bayrone

Investment in progress Katowice

INTELICA 1 S.C. entrusted us with the implementation of low-current and data communications installations in the newly established housing estate in Bytkowska Street in Katowice.  

Naszym zadaniem jest wykonanie i doprowadzenie instalacji elektrycznej i teleinformatycznej do 90 lokali Our task is to build and supply electrical and data communication systems to 90 residential units.

During execution of an entrusted order we are responsible for carrying out electrical, TV and Internet cabling starting from the ICT department, corridors and rooms themselves.   

Osiedle Bytkowska 2.0  

40-147 Katowice,  Józefowiec – Wełnowiec 

Ul. Bytkowska  

The aforementioned work is scheduled to be completed on May 15, 20222.

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