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ICT network administration

ICT networks are the foundation of a modern computing environment. A secure, trouble-free, efficient network has a direct impact on your company’s business processes, ensuring that they run smoothly.Proper design of LAN, WiFi, WAN, SAN or SDWAN infrastructure is critical to ensuring business continuity in your company.

Preparation of the installation for the indicated systems:

Our company as a subcontractor receives or executes the technical project, according to which we prepare cabling for larger projects, e.g. fire protection cabling.

We make

  • Pricing adapted to individual customer needs.
  • Project of installation adapted to customer’s guidelines.
  • Installation or product assembly.
  • Warranty service.
  • Inspections of installed systems.

What can you gain with us?

  • Flexible cooperation.
  • Satisfaction with the services performed.
  • Timely and qualitative execution of works.
  • Warranty service.
  • Credibility resulting from numerous letters of reference.

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